New cards are launched, chicer than the Visa Premier or the Gold MasterCard, and equipped with new services.

Banks are broadening the offering, marketing cards that are more connected or endowed with services than the classic Visa Premier or Gold MasterCard offers.

How to push customers to pay more for their credit card? By broadcasting new, more trendy and more up-to-date cards than the classic Visa Premier or Gold MasterCard. This is the strategy of a growing number of banks. They thus target an urban and affluent clientele, who does not have access to the ultimate prestige cards (Visa Infinite, World Elite Mastercard, or Centurion American Express, the card that we subscribe only if the one is invited), but is sometimes ready to be tempted by a different card, more rewarding and endowed with additional services.

LCL launched a few weeks ago with MasterCard, Platinum +. Is it the main asset? A personal assistant, able to provide practical information (find a mover, providers for a wedding …), organize a trip by booking planes and hotels, the fashionable restaurant or places for a trendy show. The service is free, but the services (tickets …) are of course the responsibility of the cardholder. And the annual fee for this card (222 euros) is higher than a Visa Premier (138 euros per year in this bank).

A personal assistant to book trips and shows

Visa had already paved the way since 2013, launching the Visa Platinum card, dedicated to the “early adopters”, those customers looking for payday loans and time savings. Initially marketed by the Caisses d’Epargne (Savings Banks), this new card has gradually spread to the Banque Populaire, the Banque Postale, Barclays, and Palatine, for example. It offers more extensive guarantees than a Visa Premier (for example up to 7500 euros for travel cancellation insurance included instead of 5000 euros), but less generous than Visa Infinite. But above all, she also gives access to a “personal assistant”.

Without being as complete as the famous “concierges” of luxury cards – like the one invented by American Express, which even gives access to shows that sell out and can solve the most complicated situations for customers after of the world-, this service is in turn travel agency (to book flights and hotels …), gourmet board for dinner in the best restaurants, or cultural guide with reservation of theater or concert.

The practical life is not forgotten since this assistant can also find a babysitter, a housekeeper… Endowed with more dedicated mobile applications, the card costs there again a few tens of euros more per year as a Visa Premier (190 euros for example at the Bank Postale, against 127 euros for a Visa Premier).