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Before taking out term life insurance, the health status of the insured person is queried by means of health questions in the application process. In order to calculate the contribution to term life insurance, the sum insured, the age of the insured person and the duration are considerable. On the basis of the questions about the state of health, occupation and lifestyle it is determined whether an additional contribution is necessary. Read everything important here.

Table of Contents

  • Why does it make sense to ask health questions about risk insurance?

  • The risk life insurance without health check is no longer there

  • What health questions are being asked?

  • Can the insurer directly request information from the doctor?

  • Frequently asked questions about term life insurance and health

Which insurance terms appear in this article?

insured The policyholder concludes the contract and is thus the holder of the insurance. He receives the insurance certificate. All rights and obligations of the contract lie with him. For example, he is responsible for the contribution payment.
policy Document documenting the contractual relationship.
insurance The amount of money agreed in the contract, which will be paid out to the beneficiaries in the event of death of the insured person.

Why is it useful to ask questions about health in a term life insurance?

A term life insurance is always carried by an insured community. The individual health check prevents the risk premiums from having to be shared by all insured persons. Overall, so the community pays less, the excess is
those who bring a higher level of risk into the community.

In contrast, insurance companies that do not ask questions about diseases and disorders often calculate flat-rate contributions. In these cases, each insured person is treated equally. The contributions required for a corresponding term life insurance are generally higher than those for which the health of all applicants is checked in advance. If you are healthy and do not take any additional risks, you will pay the cheapest price.

In our contribution calculator you can convince yourself of the financial advantages. Simply enter the following data:

  • Amount of the sum insured
  • Duration of the contract
  • contract start
  • entry age

The basic tariff offers a comprehensive basic protection including a Nachversicherungsgarantie and provisional insurance protection from receipt of application. Many extras for a top hedge you get in the comfort rate . It also includes options such as early death benefit in special circumstances, a child bonus, child protection and a construction bonus.

If you have chosen the rate of term life insurance, you can then answer any health question online. After you have entered all the data in the appropriate fields, our system calculates your individual contribution rate – including an instant online promise. Special additional contributions for recreational risks or smoking are shown separately.

The term life insurance without health check is no longer there! So what is behind the advertising with this slogan?

Some insurers advertise with the slogan "risk life insurance without health check". However, these insurers usually offer a combination of old-age provision with a survivor's pension or death benefit insurance instead of term life insurance without health issues. However, this pays a much lower sum at death. More information in our guide to mortality protection.

Some insurance companies from abroad advertise with a term life insurance without health issues. Here, however, it should be remembered: For a term life insurance, in which the insurer waives the check on health, usually high contributions are payable. The reason lies in the necessary mixed costing. As a policyholder, you pay for the illnesses of other insured persons. In addition, the benefits for which you earn a claim with your tariff are lower. Also, the sum insured is often lower.


Despite the health check, a life insurance with health check is worthwhile for many. The risk premiums are usually lower than those of the mixed calculation for term life insurance without health check. Find out quickly and online – here's the quote for a term life insurance.

What health questions are being asked?

If you fill in the application for the term insurance at CosmosDirekt online, you can find the individual health questions under the point "Health declaration". Here you must truthfully answer questions about these areas:

  • Illnesses, disorders and other conditions requiring a visit or treatment from a doctor within the last five years
  • Health problems or complaints that have occurred in the last three months – even without consulting a doctor
  • Officially determined impairments: degree of disability (GdB), reduction of gainful employment (MdE), military service damage (WDB)
  • All treatments in the hospital, rehabilitation or cure measures in the past 10 years
  • Addiction and dependency: alcohol, drugs, narcotics

If you apply for term life insurance, please carefully go health question for health question.

Can the insurer directly request information from the doctor?

Life insurers have an interest in obtaining unclear health information, first-hand information on the health of the person to be insured – ie the doctor. However, this is not possible without further ado, because the medical duty to secrecy also applies to insurance companies.

Consent to the release from medical confidentiality

Doctors and hospitals can be released from confidentiality by explaining the patient. As a rule, such an explanation is also required by the insurer when making the application. If the applicant does not provide this declaration, the insurance company has the right to refuse to take out the life insurance. However, if he gives his consent, insurance companies have the option of having his statements checked or specified. But this will only be done if the information on this gives an opportunity.

However, it may also come to an examination of the insured information if the insured person dies during the contract period and the survivors apply for the payment of the insured sum. If it is found that the insured has concealed illnesses or has not reported their seriousness in a truthful way, the insurance may be able to refuse payment of the insurance benefit.

This is especially true when the disease is related to the cause of death. For example, because of a concealed heart attack when filing an application, an insurance company could refuse payment in the event of death due to heart failure. It is therefore all the more important to consider all relevant data from the medical record when making the application.

How far does the delivery lead to medical confidentiality?

The way in which the consent to confinement is formulated and regulated by medical secrecy may vary depending on the company. Frequently, the forms are divided into two sections : In this the applicant agrees

  • Query on health data to determine the risk in the application as well as
  • Queries in the event of death


The insurance companies usually offer their customers two types of consent during the application review: the blanket cancellation and the limited suspension .

The blanket cancellation of medical confidentiality

In this variant, the policyholder authorizes the insurance company to consult all doctors, hospitals and other medical institutions about his medical and health conditions. Thus, the insurer can inspect the entire patient file and also receive information on illnesses that are unrelated to the cause of death in the event of a claim. Usually, the policyholder is informed each time a query is to be made.

The limited abolition of medical confidentiality

Here, the information right of the insurer depends on the individual case. The insured person is consulted by his insurance company prior to any request, and consent to secrecy always applies only to the individual case.

Frequently asked questions about term life insurance and health

What are the consequences if I answer the health questions incorrectly?

Make false statements in the health declaration, jeopardize your insurance coverage. This means that if you do not answer the questions truthfully, you will not be covered by the term life insurance for your survivors.

Do I have to inform you if my health changes during the contract?

No. Whether and how your state of health changes during the contract does not affect your term life insurance. This risk is borne by the insurer, in this case CosmosDirekt. For you there is no obligation to report illness.

Can I extend my term life insurance without a new health check?

Yes. You can extend the term of your term life insurance by up to 15 years without having your health rechecked. In doing so, the originally agreed term can be maximally doubled. However, the 75th birthday of the insured person may not be exceeded in the case of the desired new end of the contract. You can use the renewal option – but only if the contract lasts for more than three years.

Why do I have to state in the health questions whether I am a smoker?

On average, smokers have a lower life expectancy than non-smokers. Therefore, the former pay a higher contribution than non-smokers. In order to be able to correctly assess your contribution to term life insurance, there is the health issue about smoking. In the context of the health declaration, however, only smoking of the following tobacco products is relevant:

  • cigarettes
  • E-cigarettes
  • Shisha
  • cigarillos

If you have been smoking a cigar or a pipe within the last 12 months, you do not have to specify this. Even if and how often you take snuff, it does not matter.

When do I no longer qualify as a smoker for the insurer?

The risk premium for smokers can be waived if you have not consumed cigarettes or cigarillos for 12 months, do not intend to do so in the future and confirm this in writing. Often an additional health check is required.

Which sports are considered risky sports?

In addition to health issues, when applying for term life insurance, you must also indicate whether you are engaged in extreme sports that may affect your health or life expectancy. Risk sports are those sporting activities that result in an increased risk of injury and death. It is difficult to make a precise distinction between extreme and risk sports. A few factors that characterize risk sports, but can be named:

  • The physical strain is extremely high
  • The athlete is confronted with very adverse natural forces
  • The body of the athlete is brought into unusual situations or situations: free fall, high speeds, strong acceleration forces, but also rotational forces and the like

Not all factors have to be the same at the same time, but if several characteristics apply to the sport activity, it is called a risk sport.

Here are some examples of risk sports:

Slide roll
With engine
  • air Sports
  • Power Boat Racing
  • Car / motorcycle racing
  • Motorcycling
  • Driving quad
  • Karting
Without motor
  • Skydiving
  • paragliding
  • paragliding
  • hang-gliding
  • hang-glider
  • gliding

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